How serious is the herpes medication you may need to take

In layman’s terms, it will be as serious as the disease that you could contract. But do not be alarmed. It is not as serious as it looks. There will be no damaging effects to your reputation because should you ever be diagnosed with herpes, your medical practitioner or specialist is obliged by the rules of his profession to be discreet and treat your patient file with full confidentiality. In any case, herpes is not as bad or damaging as what you may have heard before.

Because no matter how clean you are, figuratively or literally, anyone, including you, can contract herpes. You could quite by accident pick it up from someone in a cloakroom at your nearby mall or even in the office, although such occurrences do remain rare. Even so, should you ever contract the disease, it could be a mild infection or for the long-term, oral herpes medication merely requires gentle applications.

But yes, you are absolutely right. Precautions still need to be taken. This should go without saying where any clinically prescribed oral, intravenous or exterior medication is concerned. As it turns out, the oral herpes medication is only going to be used occasionally. In layman’s terms, this could be good news where possible side effects are concerned. Because, of course, there is no excessive use here. The first application, and provided the doctor has been consulted, can also be applied exteriorly.

Just a small amount of cream is applied to the affected area no less than four times daily. In order to nip the infection in the bud, that’s not asking much. Just make sure that you apply your medication exactly as your doctor directed you to.