There is no such thing as a painful graft anymore

It does not matter what type of graft is required. Whether it is a socket bone graft or ear cartilage graft, most procedures, if not all of them, are pain free and hassle free. This does not necessarily mean that a patient is directly under the anesthetic needle. Sometimes it is necessary under extreme conditions. Today, there are also non-surgical procedures for patients to consider. These are even recommended by their medical practitioners in certain instances and carry the stamp of authoritative approval of the health authorities.

This short article just wishes to give medical assurances to all those who still harbor phobias about visiting their doctor or being pushed to go see a specialist. They need to be reminded that the longer they procrastinate, the worse their condition may become. Take cancer, for instance. Early detection is now possible, helping a patient, even at an advanced age in some cases, to recover quickly through remedial treatment and, perhaps, prolonged care.

A socket bone graft is not something to write home about. Just ask anyone one who has been afflicted with a contact sport injury or motor car accident. But then again, these would have to be the folks who had to endure the unfortunately unavoidable pain years ago. In the present scheme of things, medical technologies and procedures have advanced at such rapid rates that there’s really nothing to be scared of anymore.

And there is no such thing as no pain, no gain. That is all nonsense on the sports field and in the gym arena. It is bosh in the doctors’ rooms too. Advanced medical procedures such as the graft don’t carry much weight, positively speaking and carry little to no discomfiture.